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Studio Workshop

10.00am to 4.00pm Workshop £180

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Photographers who attend our workshops tell us they learn so much more about using their own camera practically and in a really interesting way.

Whatever your level, beginner or more advanced, you will learn plenty of hints and tips to improve your photographic skills. Maybe you’ve never even tried using your camera out of ‘Auto’ yet - don’t know how to set up and use a tripod properly - how about creating your own home lighting setup from simple household lamps - ever tried experimenting with flash? - no? Well we would like to help.

Get in touch for a chat about how we can help you with your photography.

About the Workshop

Photographing in the great outdoors can be very rewarding but when the weather isn’t appealing we’ve developed our Studio Workshops to help you discover even more possibilities with your camera. There truly is a wealth of understanding to be learnt from working inside using artificial light with some creative ideas which can equally be applied to both the landscape and still life subjects.

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“A visit to the Studio means the weather won’t stop you learning more about your digital camera. We offer a workshop which we think will help all photographers to fully explore their camera and its settings.”