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Rosanna Shakerley LRPS

Rosanna writes;

There has always been a camera in my life from the age of 14 yrs, but to be honest never gave it much thought, you got the best one that you could afford, and used it with varying success until you found a bigger better model. It never occurred to me to go to school and

have lessons, until I got myself a Nikon D800 in May 2011, and used it for a year, and became aware that I knew nothing.

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Searched the internet, and found The South West Photography School with Graham and Lynn, so I began with a six week course followed by four years of tuition, and was encouraged by Graham and Lynn to work towards the LRPS distinction, my work was erratic to say the least, but was gently nudged forward.

Then late last year at last I had a portfolio of ten prints, and went to an advisory day, and was told that two were not good enough, but the rest were OK with some editing, so there

was work to be done before the Assessment day which I had already booked, my mind went blank, and I couldn’t think what to do, so I went on a long holiday to New Zealand

and took a few snaps, got back with one month to spare and leapt into action as though my life depended on it, managed to fill the two holes, edited until the last moment before

the photos had to be mounted, and off to Bath.

Its hard to describe one’s day at The Royal Photographic Society, lets just say its like being on a giant roller coaster. When my name was called, and I was being congratulated I nearly passed out, then a feeling of peace. But without Graham and Lynn at South West Photography, none of it would have been possible.

Rosanna Shakerley LRPS.

© All images copyrignt Rosanna Shakerley

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