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 “We like to invite new students to the school for a chat and to share some of their photos with us before they start the course.”

This helps us assess and fill in any gaps in camera and Photoshop skills to ensure they are ready to begin the course and enjoy it to the full - a kind of Photographic MOT.”

Contact us now, we’d love to meet you.”

Camera skills unfortunately do get rusty without practise and sometimes we need a boost to reinvigorate our enthusiasm for photography again so come and refresh your techniques and fill in some gaps too, whatever your level.”

We’ve chosen 5 Popular Genres

Still Life

Still life is about precision in composition, accuracy of focus, depth of field control and accurate exposure - a display of camera and lighting skills with patience and photographic intent.


Being in the right place at the right time, well prepared and having the patience to wait for the decisive moment when the light is right is what makes the landscape full of potential  for taking great images.


Every face tells a story so they say and telling the story sensitively is one of the great skills of a portrait photographer. Including their environment puts your subject at ease, adds context and illustrates character.


Observing, reacting and expert timing are just some of the skills required by photographers to create visually engaging street images. It could be a surprising encounter or a random combination of people and everyday objects all seen from your own uniquely different perspective…


Great travel photography is all about being able to capture the true essence of place, recording atmosphere and revealing character through its distinctive culture.

About the Course

Throughout the course, each monthly meeting consists of a combination of tuition and a review of a set assignment, together with practical exercises based on the subject and tailored to the group or individual.

A great way to dust off your camera and get back into your photography or try out something new!

Contact us if you are interested in joining this course

“Feeling a bit lack lustre and uninspired lately and don’t have a lot of spare time?  - then our  Photography for Fun course should be right up your street. “

Booking in advance is essential please - by phone or email. Confirmation of your place will be sent on receipt of payment in full.

See below for our scheduled dates.

Photography for Fun


6 Month Group Course £270

6 Month One to one Course £360

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