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The successful assessment of a panel of 10 high quality printed images, together with Membership of the Royal Photographic Society, leads to the award of the Society’s Licentiate distinction and permits the use of the letters LRPS after your name.

So what makes a successful panel?

Obviously a consistent range of high quality images plays a big part in building a successful panel and having a large quantity with a wide range of subjects to choose from would be ideal but most photographers often find gaps in their techniques, subject and composition which become apparent when trying out possible panel layouts. That is precisely why we strongly recommend you consider our Portfolio courses first in order to improve your camera skills to this level before joining the Panel Building Course which includes attending an Advisory Day at an appropriate stage before ultimately attempting the RPS assessment.  

The  Panel Building Course specifically helps photographers become more aware of the graphic directional nature of images, how colour, hue and tone can be utilised, the effect sequencing has on producing a cohesive panel and how to select the images which best illustrate all the technique necessary together with the individual talent of the author. Great panels delight the RPS when cleverly put together…

Sample Assignment

Create 10 simple black and white images A5 sized prints either from scratch or convert some of your existing images.

Place these prints in several 5x2 arrangements which illustrate different sequences of tonal range across the panel both horizontally and vertically and include any other pattern or combination you discover. Draw sketches for each of your arrangements indicating any gaps produced from your series of black and whites.  

6 Month One to one Course £360

6 Month Group Course £270

Panel Building


“I can still recall the immense feeling of satisfaction and what a confidence boost achieving my LRPS gave me as a photographer. Helping others to do the same makes teaching at the school such a pleasure.” Lynn Dumbell LRPS

Contact us if you are interested in joining this course.

 “We like to invite new students to the school for a chat and to share some of their photos with us before they start the course.”

This helps us assess and fill in any gaps in camera and Photoshop skills to ensure they are ready to begin the course and enjoy it to the full - a kind of Photographic MOT.”

Contact us now, we’d love to meet you.”

This course can be undertaken as a ‘stepping stone’ towards the LRPS. It has been designed to help photographers produce suitable images of a high enough standard to fit within a panel. It can also be completed, and repeated if desired, purely for the pleasure of improving your photography.The amount of work expected from a photographer wishing to proceed towards the LRPS would naturally be greater than that by the enthusiast. There may be no initial intention or commitment to attempt the Distinction from the outset but by the end your standard may be such that it becomes a possibility.

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It does sound such a deceptively simple task - to produce 10 images which demonstrate a high quality of image making and image taking which sit together as a cohesive panel - that really is all there is to it!

The Royal Photographic Society produces their own highly informative Handbook containing all their requirements for gaining Distinctions but the pass rate reflects some applicants still fall short of the standard for various reasons. Having successfully gone through the process ourselves we know how to point applicants in the right direction. We keep up to date by attending Regional Advisory Days to see what impresses as well as what pitfalls to avoid.