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Lynda Mudle- Small LRPS

 Lynda writes;

“I have taken photographs all my life but it wasn't until after I retired that I treated myself to a DSLR and had the time to learn how to take 'proper' photographs rather than snapshots. I found my way to the South West Photography School and haven't looked back since. Graham and Lynn have been so very helpful answering all technical queries and making me look at my photographs in a different light. They are always pushing me to do better [which I need] and have also been very accommodating with taylor-made courses to suit my ability, the time I have [lots], and my need for 'homework' and plenty of challenges. We even worked out ways of continuing the course when I was abroad for five months.

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The RPS panel of five were very complimentary about the panel considering it very creative and they liked the environmental portraits ....but ..... by a majority vote they decided that one picture of two birds fighting was not sharp enough. So they would not pass it at the time, but by the referral process I would be allowed to replace the one photograph they did not like. G&L made me go out and take suitable photographs to fill the space rather than just use one from my files and in September I suddenly had the right photograph which I submitted and this was approved and ratified by the RPS council.”

Lynda Mudle-Small LRPS

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When I learnt about the Royal Photographic Societies distinctions this gave me a real objective to aim towards. I literally spent three months thinking, eating and sleeping 'panel' so that, with encouragement from G&L I had one ready for an RPS advisory day in April. I was delighted that the panel, with just a couple of changes, was considered good enough to be put forward and booked myself in for assessment in July.

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