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About our Workshop

Our Location Workshop features all the requisite camera techniques from controlling depth of field, achieving correct exposure and careful composition together with the pre-visualisation of the photograph to discovering ways which will make your images stand out from the rest.

Cornwall provides a wealth of inspirational locations and often great light but even when its not ideal, practising basic principles makes our workshops so useful. Simplify the scene by considering which elements to include or leave out within the frame, use your camera and lenses at their optimum, have a true affinity for the landscape that you are trying to portray and then learn to wait for the light with patient persistence…

The whole Cornish coastline is renowned for offering picture postcard locations for photography from perfect beaches to traditional harbour villages. A few special places have become firm favourites with us for our Location Workshops. Bodmin Moor is perhaps a less obvious place but with a wealth of diverse sites from windswept granite strewn hills, fast running rivers to atmospheric mining heritage it provides such a challenge to capture and delight to explore.

We look forward to sharing it with you.

“Developing a keen awareness of how the natural light affects the contours of the terrain to reveals its shape, form and texture is vital together with a patient approach - prepare in advance for what you can control and then just wait for the perfect moment when all the elements come together.”

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3 Hours Workshop £120

 One to One

Location Workshop

Learn how to take great landscape photographs

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“To truly experience being somewhere means to feel it with all our senses. So before even thinking about pressing the shutter allow time to fully absorb the environment surrounding you and slowly begin to form your own individual intention behind the image you are about to create. “