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Jules Lloyd  LRPS

Jules writes;

“I discovered the SWPS’s ‘Starting Out with your DSLR’ course in November 2015. I’d been given my Pentax K30 in 2014 and was keen to learn how to use it properly. I didn’t want a drawn out course over a few terms, I didn’t want theory but I did want something hands on that would give me the confidence to take the camera off Auto.

I contacted the SWPS and had a chat with Lynn who asked me what camera I used and how much I used it. The fact that my camera wasn’t one that either Lynn or Graham use wasn’t a problem. Lynn was so personable that it was easy to make the decision to go along for the course. Even better was the fact that the price was much more manageable than any other I had enquired about and promised to be really good value. I wasn’t disappointed.

From day one we worked with the camera. Lynn and Graham put me totally at ease. We started with handling and care of the camera and lens and progressed to various aspects of photography. On day one I was snapping away in the studio.

At the end of each session there was a familiarisation assignment to complete for the next week. There was nothing onerous about the course which was designed to draw out an enthusiasm and love of photography that I had no idea was there.

Lynn and Graham place a lot of emphasis on the fact that you don’t need to invest in expensive equipment. You will be taught how to produce good images using natural light and also by using just a desk lamp or a window and that every day objects can be your subjects. I remember one of my early images of a couple of vases was so well defined that Graham commented on the dust on the table - I’ve forgiven him now for the compliment.

At the end of the six weeks I had an understanding of composition, light, exposure, capturing movement, focusing and much more. I knew how to make adjustments to enable me to achieve images I was pleased with.

As my photography improved over those few weeks I was hooked and wanted to know more. I still have my first images pinned on a board in my home. A scrapbook of my images and the camera settings was kept during the course and has proved to be invaluable and is something I still refer to.

Three short years later, and after signing up for the subsequent courses, I submitted a panel of 10 images to the Royal Photographic Society for assessment and was awarded a Licentiate of The Royal Photographic Society.

If you are considering this course and are still not sure about signing up just ask Lynn or Graham to arrange to put us in touch and I’ll happily chat to you about it.

I’m so pleased I did this course and believe you will be too.”

Jules Lloyd LRPS.

© All images copyrignt Jules Lloyd

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