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Focus on Lighting Course

6 Weeks Group Course £275          6 Weeks One to One Course £395

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About the Course

This “Focus on Lighting” - Portraiture” course does what it says on the can - it’s a very practical introduction to the fundamentals of light, lighting equipment and lighting techniques for human portraiture - and no apologies, that’s all! So backcloths, sets, models, poses etc etc are in a different can labelled something else - this particular can is all about light and lighting, as needed for making expressive images of people’s faces.

From there we’ll try out a variety of lighting sources and accessories from the humble (but effective) window through to modern studio flash systems suitable for home use via speedlight systems and continuous lighting setups that are easily available online. We’ll include some ideas and tips for making your own home studio including “Mr Heath Robinson’s softbox and some practise at getting a flyout reflector back into its cover!

Nothing is more important in photography than light, its top of the pile and nothing else gets close. We’re going to start right there with some practical experiments to explore what light is, how it behaves and how we can apply those insights to good effect in our photography in a useful and practical way.

With that safely under our belts we’ll employ our range of lifelike polystyrene heads for some practical lighting sessions to explore different lighting setups such as the Butterfly, Clamshell and Rembrandt styles. These mannequins are all brilliant at revealing the effects of different lighting setups and have never once complained at the flash going off accidentally in their faces!

Course Requirements

We’ve packed quite a lot into this course and while the type and make of your camera is not critical you will need to e reasonably competent with it to get the most out of the course. You will need to bring a sturdy tripod and access to a speedlight/flash unit for your camera would be helpful.

Book your place now

Our final session will be an opportunity to put it all together in a photo shoot with a live model.

Booking in advance is essential please - by phone or email. Confirmation of your place will be sent on receipt of payment in full.

See below for our scheduled dates.

“We’ve designed this new “Focus on Lighting” course in response to the many requests we get for help with setting up a simple, effective and practical home studio based around photographing portraits.”