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In developing our ‘Focus on Landscapes’ course we’ve been busy putting all our skills in giving constructive critique gained over the years to good use, closely examining what’s considered to be some of the most celebrated of landscape imagery, historic and contemporary, to identify 4 distinct styles which we have called;- The Classic, The Atmospheric, The Artistic and The Conceptual.

About the Course

In addition to our ever popular Location Workshops our new ‘Focus on Landscapes’  course now offers the extra time we believe necessary to study and explore landscape photography in the greater detail it deserves. Contained within the course are all the essential camera techniques you expect, effective guides to composition and the highly practical hands-on skills you need in order to take a competent landscape image. More importantly though - and what makes ‘Focus on Landscapes’ different from all the rest -  is the inclusion of vital insights into the numerous ways to elevate your good image into an even more memorable and outstanding one - just what every landscape photographer needs to know!

Focus on Landscapes Course

6 Weeks Group Course £275          6 Weeks One to One Course £395

Booking in advance is essential please - by phone or email. Confirmation of your place will be sent on receipt of payment in full.

See below for our scheduled dates.

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Our analysis of each style revealed combinations of various photographic techniques, use of the elements together with each photographers own unique vision to create magic, mood and personal expression. An extensive ‘toolkit’ emerged which we have compiled into an easy to understand format to be used conventionally or applied creatively when wishing to experiment a bit. This course is undoubtedly an essential resource for all landscape photographers - inspirational and unmissable!

Small groups have proved to be beneficial with our tutor led feedback especially valuable in discussing and exploring ideas as well as having the opportunity to see and share a variety of work with other members of the group.  Equally we enjoy working on an individual basis if that is your preference.

We want to share all our knowledge and enthusiasm with you and know you’ll find it an enjoyable learning experience with us in our relaxed and informal style.

The 6 weekly sessions are made up of 2 outdoor practical three hour sessions on location together with 4 studio based  theory sessions each of two hours. This format allows enough time and space between sessions for you to do your own research and practise what you have learnt without any added pressure of deadlines for set assignments.

Post processing techniques are included using Photoshop to do basic image enhancements.  The printing process is also explored as well as practical mount making for the presentation of the end print.

Course Requirements

To gain the most from this course participants need to

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“Focus on Landscapes” is a stimulating and thought provoking course designed for photographers keen to deepen their understanding of what exactly constitutes and characterises a landscape,.