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“This course aims to develop your skills, encourages you to broaden your outlook and exercises your talents in directions you probably haven’t even considered yet!”

Our ever popular Build your Portfolio Course consists of 12 interesting sessions with associated assignments all designed to gain the most from each of the following  genres…”

Still Life

Still life is about precision in composition, accuracy of focus, depth of field control and accurate exposure - a display of camera and lighting skills with patience and photographic intent.


Your opportunity to step outside the box, to add intrigue, to amuse or baffle and to play with texture, colour and pattern in the making of an image that avoids the obvious.

Spring Garden

Cornwall in springtime, well known for it’s abundance of Spring blooms to be found in country estates and gardens provides the subject for botanical studies and artistic floral expression.


From imposing edifice to idyllic cottage the built environment provides a wealth of exterior and interior opportunities to communicate the lifestyle and context of their inhabitants and affects those that pass by.

Wildlife and Nature

Feather, fur and flowers make great subjects but they also pose some unique challenges too from macro to movement its time to capture the natural world - with your camera of course!


Here is your chance to capture all the atmosphere, movement, colours and mood of an event - all the fun of the fair or an exhibition perhaps? Forward planning is essential and pre-visualisation a useful way to help make everything run smoothly.


Great travel photography is all about being able to capture the true essence of place, recording atmosphere and revealing character through it’s distinctive culture. Where? Home or abroad that’s up to you!


 Every face tells a story so they say and telling the story sensitively is one of the great skills of a portrait photographer. Including their natural environment puts your subject at ease, adds context and illustrates character in your photographs.

Street Photography

Observing, reacting and expert timing are just some of the skills required by photographers to create visually engaging street images. It could be a surprising encounter or a random combination of people and everyday objects all seen and shot from your uniquely different perspective - all happening on a street near you!

Autumn Landscape

Being in the right place at the right time, well prepared and having the patience to wait for the decisive moment when the light is right is what makes landscape photography. Each season offers great possibilities for great images to be explored - from an evocative rural landscape to an imposing urban location perhaps?


Tasty or what? Probably not if the experts are to be believed! It’s what it looks like not how it tastes that makes food photography so delicious! It is the lighting, setting the scene and the the art of food styling that are the main ingredients in this recipe.

“When you begin to feel more confident with your camera its a good time to regularly practise your technique and explore a wide range of subjects. “

Booking in advance is essential please - by phone or email. Confirmation of your place will be sent on receipt of payment in full.

See below for our scheduled dates.

Build your Portfolio


12 Month One to one Course £720

12 Month Group Course £540

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 “We like to invite new students to the school for a chat and to share some of their photos with us before they start the course.”

This helps us assess and fill in any gaps in camera and Photoshop skills to ensure they are ready to begin the course and enjoy it to the full - a kind of Photographic MOT.”

Contact us now, we’d love to meet you.”

This course can be undertaken as a ‘stepping stone’ towards the LRPS. It has been designed to help photographers produce suitable images of a high enough standard to fit within a panel. It can also be completed, and repeated if desired, purely for the pleasure of improving your photography.The amount of work expected from a photographer wishing to proceed towards the LRPS would naturally be greater than that by the enthusiast. There may be no initial intention or commitment to attempt the Distinction from the outset but by the end your standard may be such that it becomes a possibility.

Low Light

A great way to end the year looking at the Chiaroscuro approach to create atmospheric images of the festive season and its celebrations.

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