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Hélène Egbers LRPS

Hélène writes;

“I have enjoyed photography for quite a few years but felt I didn’t progress enough. I decided to enroll for a course at the South West Photography School.

I learned a whole range of new camera skills and in due course, I was encouraged to consider applying to the RPS for a ‘L’ distinction.

By working towards my ‘L’ involved a more serious approach towards my photography.

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I had to push myself technically and creatively to provide the right images for my panel. Many times I got it wrong and had to motivate myself to keep going. The process was very beneficial as it made me a more accomplished photographer.

It’s been a worthwhile journey as I’ve gained so much knowledge with the excellent guidance, teaching and positive criticism of my tutors Lynn and Graham.

I am very pleased with my distinction, which I gained, in October 2015 and it has given me an enormous confidence boost and an incredible feeling of satisfaction.

But more importantly yielded a focus and creative direction in my photography.”

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