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Chris Longman LRPS

Chris writes…

I have always enjoyed taking photos, so a few years ago I thought it would be interesting to go along to our local camera club. After a few sessions I began to learn more and more. However I realised I didn’t fully understand everything my camera could do and thought proper lessons were needed. It was at this time that Lynn and Graham opened their new school (SWPS). Ideal for me so I signed up for lessons.

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So.. I produced my final panel which I hoped showed “variety of approach and technique” with a touch of “creativity”. Although I was encouraged by Lynn and Graham it didn’t stop me feeling apprehensive and nervous in the review room at the top of many stairs in the RPS office in Bath.

My panel was third up for review - the panel members stared at my panel and then seemed to pounce on the images picking them up putting them back, discussing. After what seemed forever (about ten minutes) the chairman of the panel announced my recommendation for LRPS. Whoah! After all the tension I was amazed…and very happy! It wasn’t until I was driving home from Bath that I realised the seriousness of the whole experience and to be recognised by such a highly respected institute - the Royal Photographic Society.

Thank you so much to Lynn and Graham and the South West Photography School for your patience, inspiration and encouragement throughout. It was hard, but it was fun!

November 2014

As time progressed I became more confident and was “playing” with the camera a lot more. Lynn and Graham suggested somewhat surprisingly to me that I work towards the LRPS. Over the following two years I did assignments and took so many photos working towards producing a panel of ten images. It is easy to take lots of photos but not so easy selecting and narrowing down to the right 10 for a panel. It is also difficult judging your own photos and this is where Lynn and Graham’s expertise was needed. Taking out your favourite shots is hard but we had fun and I enjoyed the discussions we had over each image and their encouragement through the inevitable flat times.

I eventually had a panel of ten to take to an Advisory Day at Bovey Tracey (definitely recommended). I felt reasonably encouraged, even though the advisors weren’t particularly happy with 2 or 3 of them.

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